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Principal Component Analysis
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Dimensionality Reduction using Python & Principal Component Analysis

Implementing Principal Component Analysis Using PCA In our previous article on Principal Component Analysis, we understood what is the main idea behind PCA. Where we learned : What Is PCA? Why PCA? The intuition behind PCA? Maths Behind PCA Steps To Compute Principal Components and Get The Reduced Dimensions. As promised in the PCA part 1, it’s time to acquire the practical knowledge of how PCA is implemented using python, using…

T Test using inferential statistics
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Hypothesis Testing Using T Test : Inferential Statistics Part3

What Is T Test? What Are The Types Of T Test? How Does It Works? “Being a product leader it’s your responsibility to verify your assumption/hypothesis based on data analysis. Assume less & verify more has to be the way to execute your responsibilities. “ We have covered earlier in our Part1 & Part 2 Of Inferential statistics: Hypothesis Testing, where we understood about, Chi-Square Test: Normal Deviate Z Test: As…

Inferential Statistics
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Inferential Statistics: Hypothesis Testing Using Normal Deviate Z -Test

What Is Z Test In Inferential Statistics & How It Works? I Feel: The more you analyze the data the more enlightened, data engineer you will become. What Is Normal Deviate Z Test & How It Works ? In data engineering you will always find an instance where you need to establish whether the data sample which you have got from population data, is reliable enough to build a model around it. There…

Inferential statistics explained
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Inferential Statistics: Understanding Hypothesis Testing Using Chi-Square Test

What Is Chi-Square Test & How It Works? As a data science engineer it’s imperative that the sample data set which you pick from the population data is reliable, clean and well tested for its usability in Machine learning model building. So how do you do that ? Well, we have multiple statistical techniques like descriptive statistic where we measure the data central value, how it is spread across the mean/median.…

Bag Of Words & TF-IDF
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Bag Of Words & TF-IDF Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners

Creating feature vector using Bag Of Words & TF-IDF in NLP Our machines are hungry for data to be fed, but they are not intelligent enough to understand whether the data being fed is useful or garbage, it is the responsibility of us human to make sure the data is clean, processed and useful so that our machines are making the sensible decisions as an outcome. With this wisdom at our…

data visualization using python
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Data Visualization With MatPlotLib Using Python

I Feel: In today’s digital world data has become as important as air.Machines & humans both are literally breathing in & breathing out data data and data…. People are consuming and generating huge volumes of data knowingly and unknowingly on a daily basis. It is this bombardment of digital information is what current businesses are trying to tap and harness to sell and engage their customers more. All types of…

NLP Text Preprocessing
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How Does Text Preprocessing In NLP Work?

When your pure intent being human is to learn and educate others and when you are willing to transfer your knowledge learned from ages to these lifeless yet powerful gadgets and computers, you are making this planet a wonderful and innovative place to live in. Welcome back folks, This is Part-2 of my NLP series. In part 1NLP Fundamentals For Absolute BeginnersWhat is natural language processing, What Is NLU &…

Descriptive statistics in data science
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Descriptive Statistics Fundamentals For Data Science Aspirants

Few lines I wrote, dedicated to data engineers: Data Data everywhere, consumers are now more aware So mine the data with utmost care, and serve them everywhere. Yes, that valuable it is to treat and process data with the required precision so that you can serve your customers/consumers effectively and responsibly. In Applied statistics we try to ensure the data is reliable and clean to help us build a model…

Linear Regression
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Supervised Machine Learning Using Linear Regression

Data science with the kind of power it gives you to analyze each and every bit of data you have at your disposal, to make smart & intelligent business decisions, is becoming a must have tool to understand and implement in your organization , it is very important that your business decisions are not based on intuition rather based on data analysis. Being a data science learner & practitioner, very…

Logistic Regression
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Logistic Regression For Dummies: A Detailed Explanation

“ Try to understand the problem statement first, keeping your trained intelligence aside and try to analyze the given data as if you don’t know anything about them. Your honest acceptance that you know nothing will lead you to the process of building a model worth deploying. “ Process is more important than the outcome in the field of Data Science In our last article on supervised ML, we covered linear regression model which dealt…