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Bag Of Words & TF-IDF
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Bag Of Words & TF-IDF Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners

Creating feature vector using Bag Of Words & TF-IDF in NLP Our machines are hungry for data to be fed, but they are not intelligent enough to understand whether the data being fed is useful or garbage, it is the responsibility of us human to make sure the data is clean, processed and useful so that our machines are making the sensible decisions as an outcome. With this wisdom at our…

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Understanding AI Chatbots, Challenges, Opportunities & Beyond

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we search and get things done and Chatbots are the real example of human aspiration to get rid of doing things which doesn’t excites them much. Recently I have been learning a lot of about AI powered chatbots and got quite fascinated by amazing things it can do without involving humans. There are chatbots which can talk you like your girlfriend /boyfriend. There are weather…

Hand-on NLP using Python
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Hands-On Lab On Text Preprocessing in NLP Using Python

Welcome back folks, to this learning journey where we will uncover every hidden layer of Natural language processing the simplest manner possible. “When you know that your knowledge is limited and you want to learn more you need to make sure you are sharing your knowledge and are curious enough to receive the same from others ” In part 2 we learned what are basic steps involved in NLP text…

NLP using openNLP
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A Guide To NLP Implementation Using OpenNLP: Making Machines Speak

NLP : Natural Language Processing is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which enables computers to analyze and understand the human language. Natural Language Processing (NLP) was formulated to build software that generates and understand natural languages so that a user can have natural conversations with his computer. NLP combines AI with computational linguistics and computer science to process human or natural languages and speech. We have the natural capabilities as a human…

NLP Text Preprocessing
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How Does Text Preprocessing In NLP Work?

When your pure intent being human is to learn and educate others and when you are willing to transfer your knowledge learned from ages to these lifeless yet powerful gadgets and computers, you are making this planet a wonderful and innovative place to live in. Welcome back folks, This is Part-2 of my NLP series. In part 1NLP Fundamentals For Absolute BeginnersWhat is natural language processing, What Is NLU &…

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NLP Fundamentals For Absolute Beginners

Language has been the most powerful tool which has made us human more efficient & effective living being when it comes to communicating anything meaningful. It is our ability to perceive anything external as images and giving expression to that visual memories through voice, based on the understanding of languages, which we have learned since ages, that makes us special & unique from other living species on this mother earth.…